1. Barcode and GPS assisted tracking of duty and patrol beat
  2. Complete site patrol history for customer
  3. Notifications & Alerts
  4. Geo location tracking of management staff
  5. Visitor and material management by mob apps
  6. Smart device based customized alerts and reports by email or WhatsApp

Detailed formulation of Standard Operating Procedures for every activity from site to guard level. We ensure strict adherence to SOPs by training, rehearsals and checks.

background check clipart

Thorough background verification of guards by Better Place. A 16 Page detailed background verification record for every guard is complied. This is made available on line to the client. This includes –

  • Check of criminal records
  • Police verification
  • KYC documents authentication (Aadhar, PAN, Voter ID)
  • Address check
quality check

Checks by our own field staff can be lenient. To ensure realistic feedback and unbiased audit, we enlist  the services of a third party just for conducting inspections on the following–

  • Night duty alertness
  • Identity verification
  • Entry challenging process
  • Dress and turn out
  • Gate, perimeter, lighting inspections  at night.

This is our prime focus-

1. Aspects covered –

  • Personal Appearance
  • Code of conduct
  • Communication Skills
  • Body Language
  • Dealing with people

2. Imparted by –

  • Lectures / Demonstrations with PPTs,
    video and case studies
  • Mock rehearsals