Security Guard Training Services

Employee Safety and Security Training

We prepare your employees to deal with all common threat scenarios and tailor security training programs as per your management strategy:

  • Train women on safety precautions in cabs, elevators, parking lots & “fringe” areas.
  • Travel safety.
  • Handling domestic violence spilling over into the workplace.
  • Workplace violence.
  • Information security awareness.
  • Precautions against being exploited by electronic recording devices and social media.
  • Training employees ERT teams in emergency response and safety procedures.

Training of Security Staff

For companies looking to upgrade the skills of their existing security staff, based on industry best standards, we provide following training modules:

  • Access control procedures.
  • Effective patrolling.
  • Actions in case of bomb threat.
  • Manning of mission control centre.
  • Executive protection.
  • Search, investigation and interrogation.
  • Intelligence gathering.
  • Handling labour unrest.
  • Interaction with police, filing of FIRs.