Apartment Security Guards In Bangalore

apartment security guard services by vs4 security

We live in a world where our home security is at risk constantly, which makes having a Residential security guard a necessity.

A residential security guard or apartment security guard provides the security and safe environment by dealing with the threat burglars, thieves, robbers pose.

If you want to read an article on security guard services briefing the role they play and their importance, then this is the blog for you.

What makes Security Guard an important part of our daily lives?

According to the official crime statistics report, 8.2 cases per 100,000 population were reported in 2013, as compared to 7.3 cases per 100,000 reported in 2010.

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Source : Indian Burglary Rate

The burglary rate has gone up and it will continue to increase if we don’t take necessary measures to fend the burglars off.

Better safe than sorry, right?

By and large, security guard duties and responsibilities include protecting people, places and public and private property from potential threats such as robbery, theft, vandalism among other things.

Our government understands the importance of a security guard, and that is why we see security guards outside ATMs, schools, banks, shopping malls, etc

It is our responsibility as responsible citizens to protect our private property and business by taking the preemptive measure of hiring security personnel.  

Security guards also provide safety for women who commute every day to their workplace.

VS4 Security Agency

VS4 is one stop destination for you if you are looking for security for your residence or business.

We provide you with the shield of VS4 protection by our professionalism and ensure your flight to safety in a crisis.

A group of  IIM alumni, corporate leaders, veterans from the army’s elite

Parachute / Special Forces and NSG.

We provide SMART solutions by judicious management of the human, process, physical, and technical facets to ensure that security meets your business needs efficiently and economically.

Our services:
  • Manned Guarding
  • School Security
  • Apartment Security
  • Hospital and Healthcare Security
  • Hotel and Leisure Security
  • IT Security
  • Security Service for Women


  1. Control and monitoring of the guarding force through IOT applications. (See video)
    • Barcode and GPS assisted tracking of duty and patrol beat
    • Complete site patrol history for customer
    • Notifications & Alerts
    • Geolocation tracking of management staff
    • Visitor and material management by mobile applications
    • Smart device based customized alerts and reports  by email or WhatsApp
  2. Process orientation – Detailed formulation of Standing Operating Procedures for every activity from site to guard level. We ensure strict adherence to SOPs, training, rehearsals, and checks.
  3. Background Verification – Thorough background verification of guards by Better Place. A 16 Page detailed background verification record for every guard complies. This is made available online to the client. This includes –
    1. Check of criminal records
    2. Police verification
    3. KYC documents authentication (Aadhar, PAN, Voter ID)
    4. Address check
  4. Quality checks and audit by third-party –  Checks by our own field staff can be lenient. To ensure realistic feedback and unbiased audit, we enlist the services of a third party just for conducting inspections on the following –
    1. Night duty alertness
    2. Identity verification
    3. Entry challenging process  
    4. Dress and turn out
    5. Gate, perimeter, lighting inspections  at night
    6. Soft skill training of guards – This is our prime focus.

Aspects Covered
  • Personal Appearance
  • Code of conduct
  • Communication Skills
  • Body Language
  • Dealing with people
Imparted by
  • Lectures / Demonstrations with PPTs ,
    video and case studies
  • Mock rehearsals