Jump-Starting Security

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Offices, hotels, and schools are opening up and there is an urgent need to step up security to pre-covid levels.  Below are some recommendations on how to jump-start security operations.

  • Security First – Occupation Later – Security professionals should timely advise management to beef up security before starting operations.  If it is vice versa then we are sure to have incidents. Enhancing security especially, the deployment of manpower, may take time and the management should be clearly communicated of the timelines.
  • Inspections and Repair – All physical barriers, access control systems, and sensors need to be inspected in detail for both serviceability and functionality. Repairs and corrective measures need to be undertaken on priority.
  • Refresh SOPs – These need to be revisited, especially if companies are working on a hybrid model. Also, some offices have moved to smaller workspaces, these may require re-assessments to be done.
  • Shortages of Security Staff – With the sudden increase in demand for security guards, there is a shortage in the security industry of both quality and quantity of manpower, as some individuals who left during the pandemic are yet to return. Realistic estimates of timelines for additional deployments need to be worked out with the security service provider. Posts to be occupied need to be prioritized and build-up to be done in a phased manner.
  • Compliances – These need to be checked. Certifications, licenses, and police verifications may have expired.
  • Training – New security staff will have to undergo basic training and the old staff will have to be put through refresher training.
  • Tech Introduction – This might be a good time to introduce tech- like automated access control systems and sensors. The latest AI-based options be explored. These can cut down requirements of manpower and save costs.

By – Col Vineet Seth, VSM (Retd)

CEO VS4 Security and Services

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