School Security Services In Bangalore

  • We secure and protect children and staff while in school and also on their transit home. We arm you to mitigate risks like natural calamities, violence, terrorist acts, sexual abuse and kidnapping. We address potential areas of weakness and augment your current standard of infrastructure, physical security, access control,electronic surveillance, alarm, visitor handling and transport management procedures.
  • We provide one stop professional security solutions to all your school security needs like-
    • Physical Security – Providing specifically trained Guards and security managers
    • Security Audits – School vulnerability assessment
    • Consulting On – Process formulation, installation of sensors and barriers. Crisis management etc
  • Our Client – Indus  International School, Bangalore.


VS4 have made concerted efforts to train their guarding force to meet our requirements. They assisted us in setting up processes and have carried security assessments in a competent manner. They are very professional in their approach.
John Prem Rabindranath
Director Administration