Workspace Violence Management

1. Threats or acts of physical violence, intimidation, harassment, or other disruptive threatening behaviour are increasing in the workplace. Violence can range from threats to verbal abuse, to physical violence and worse. Workplace violence can involve and affect not only employees but clients, visitors, and customers. VS4 assists companies to formulate policies to help prevent workplace violence and resolve conflicts within an organisation.

2. In any work setting where an employee performs any work-related duty, two of the most critical elements to limiting the occurrence of workplace violence are early recognition of potentially violent situations and plans to respond appropriately to such situations. 

3. VS4 assists you in formulating a workforce violence mitigation plan incorporating below –

  • Security of the work setting may have to be improved based on a comprehensive security audit. The workplace are analyzed, and include a review of the written security policies, procedures and training programs; a walkthrough of the entire facility to identify potential vulnerable areas; and employee interviews to identify any concerns or issues that may exist.
  • Security enhancements are recommended after analysis.  These can be either physical or administrative. Physical enhancements result in hardening of the facility, and include things such as locks, CCTV monitors at entrances and key cards. Administrative enhancements are written policies and procedures and training programs which will heighten awareness and serve as a deterrent.