What is the importance of private security guard?


Security guards play a pivotal role in our daily lives. Having a private security guards provides a safety  for business owners, residential communities, schools and common areas for the public.

The private security industry in India employs almost 5 million people as compared to 3.2 million police force personnel.

Indian Security guard industry market valued at Rs. 40000 crores in 2014 and is expected to grow by Rs. 80000 Billion by the year 2020, with a CAGR of 9.6% over the forecast period.

What are the benefits of hiring a private security guard?

Security guard safeguards from unseen threats & risks. Hiring a security guard gives you a sense of security for businesses, business owners, customers, employees and normal public.

The roles and responsibilities of a security guard includes:

  • Patrol duties around buildings and grounds.
  • Monitoring surveillance equipment.
  • Check the building entry and exit gates & doors.
  • Inspect & Maintain security systems tools and hardware applications.
  • Check for water, fire safety, and other factors.
  • Check and maintain visitor management.
  • Safety precautions in cabs, elevators, parking lots & fringe areas.
  • Security Awareness.
  • Monitoring alarms
  • Informing violations of rules & regulations
  • Using monitoring systems, such as alarms, video surveillance.

How Important are security guards?


Public Safety

Public safety is mostly dependent on physical security guards, these areas mostly include places like airports, hospitals, hotels & leisure industry, events, apartments, schools, college campuses, and gated communities.

women security

Security For Women

At the workplace and during transit to the workplace, security for women is necessary. During crisis and emergencies women & girl suffer more disproportionately.

Emergency Situations

It is very important to have security guards during the emergency scenarios, the security guards are trained to identify, manage emergencies, threat or criminal activities.


Security for Schools

Security at schools is of high importance to ensure the safety of school kids. A security guard at school help in protecting kids from  chaos, hazards, emergencies, criminal activity, but one cannot depend on a untrained security guard during crisis.


Apartment Security

Each residential apartment owner has the responsibility to keep its residents safe and secure. Every apartment should have a security system that safeguards the entry and exit gates, alarms and burglars, visitor management.


Security At Workplaces

Workplace security primarily refers to your organization preparedness for preventing crisis and hazards. It is the prime duty of the employer to provide a safe and sound atmosphere for its employees. A good security guard protects your employees, business, building, data and reputation.


Security Under Surveillance

Surveillance industry in India is changing with the introduction of internet of things for physical security. The increasing concerns of the physical security and growing demand of surveillance systems are the key factors in surveillance market growth. Artificial intelligence and deep learning are dominating the surveillance industry, making the security services industry more powerful and efficient.

What you should look for when hiring a security guard agency?

Is the agency local or national.

You should make sure to hire experienced and professional security agency that meets your requirements economically and efficiently. You should prefer to hire local security agency as they can serve you better.

Company reputation

Understand if the security company is only into security solutions and nothing else. How many years of  experience in the industry do they have? Is their policy aligning with your business security needs. Listen to what previous customers have to say about their services.

Trained Guards

A trained security guard protects and safeguards the business interests, the employees, residents, actions during crisis and emergencies. Security guards are the first line of defense.

According to India’s Private Security Agencies Regulation Act, 2005 (PSARA), that has set minimum standards for security guards, such as 160 hours of training before deployment.

Back Ground Verification of Security Guards

From a safety and security perspective, the monitoring of people entering or exiting the property, daily maids, facility management is of higher importance. But how can you trust the same security guard you are deploying to be the overseer of your security. Some key areas to check for background verification.

  • ID card verification
  • Permanent Address verification
  • Criminal history record
  • Police Verification

How VS4 is changing the norms of the security guard industry?

We at VS4 have made concerted efforts to induce professionalism into their services by the undermentioned measures.

  1. Control and monitoring of the guarding force through IOT applications. (See video)
    • Barcode and GPS assisted tracking of duty and patrol beat
    • Complete site patrol history for customer
    • Notifications & Alerts
    • Geo location tracking of management staff
    • Visitor and material management by mobile applications
    • Smart device based customized alerts and reports  by email or WhatsApp
  2. Process orientation – Detailed formulation of Standing Operating Procedures for every activity from site to guard level. We ensure strict adherence to SOPs by , training , rehearsals and checks .
  3. Background Verification – Thorough background verification of guards by Better Place. A 16 Page detailed background verification record for every guard is complied. This is made available on line to the client. This includes –
    1. Check of criminal records
    2. Police verification
    3. KYC documents authentication (Aadhar, PAN,Voter ID)
    4. Address check
  4. Quality checks and audit by third party –  Checks by our own field staff can be lenient. To ensure realistic feedback and unbiased audit, we enlist  the services of a third party just for conducting inspections on the following –
    1. Night duty alertness
    2. Identity verification
    3. Entry challenging process  
    4. Dress and turn out
    5. Gate, perimeter, lighting inspections  at night
  5. Soft skill training of guards – This is our prime focus.

a. Aspects Covered

  • Personal Appearance
  • Code of conduct
  • Communication Skills
  • Body Language
  • Dealing with people

b.  Imparted by

  • Lectures / Demonstrations with PPTs ,
    video and case studies
  • Mock rehearsals