Is Your Security Guard Sleeping While On The Duty?


Security, be it personal or professional, has become indispensable in this cutting edge and quick paced world.

Most common types of security systems are physical security system that involves the use of a variety of means and devices and Commercial security involving the use of sophisticated devices and trained security guards.

Slumbering while on duty is given significance as it might unfavorably influence the performance. It might, moreover, be unsafe in situations where a representative’s obligation to guard and restrain a dangerous circumstance is ignored.

Reasons for Slumbering –

  • Lack of proper rest by security guard
  • Continuation on duty for more that 8 hours
  • Intoxication
  • In adequate supervision
  • In adequate penalization for default
  • Lack of training and motivation

Remedial Measures –

  • Screening of guards for intoxication before duty by breath analyzer test etc
  • Utilize technologies, for example, CCTVS and other scanners to monitor sleeping guards.
  • Having a patrol beat visit all guard positions at periodic intervals to ensure all guards are alert.
  • Proper relief and rest for guards. Ideally no guard should be on duty for more than 8 hours. He should get a complete days rest once a week.
  • Training guards to do small physical activity like stretching and taking short walks whenever they feel drowsy.  
  • Rotating the guards between each post every 90 minutes to kill boredom.
  • Strict supervision and a defined system of penalty.

To conclude, having security guards positioned in your business or habitation is a prerequisite and a need to keep you and your business and family sheltered and secure against perils, dangers, and threats.

But at the same time, their acts of misconduct should not be ignored as the responsibility of securing the assets are entrusted upon them.